Acne is one of the most common skin diseases and despite so many studies being done about it, there are too many false myths circulating around. Here are the most common ones:

❌Fatty foods make acne worse:

✅ Food alone does not cause acne, at most dairy and sugars could cause worsening of this disease;

❌Bursting pimples speeds healing:

✅ Unfortunately, it slows it down and if done poorly, can cause the infection to spread deeper and to adjacent areas;

❌Makeup causes acne:

✅ Makeup itself does not cause acne, its incorrect removal at the end of the day, does;

❌Tanning helps acne:

✅ Absolutely not! It only accelerates skin aging and once exposure stops, sebum production doubles causing acne to worsen and often instead of a rash, we end up with hyperpigmentation.