Acne is one of the most common skin diseases and despite so many studies being done about it, there are too many false myths circulating around. Here are the most common ones:

❌ Oily, acne-prone skin doesn’t need to be moisturized:

✅ there can be no more false statement. Skin of any type needs to be protected, and moisturizer does just that: protect the skin barrier. The more it is “cleansed” and left dry, the more it will try to compensate by producing sebum and thus become irritated and acne will worsen. Plus, acne-prone skin doesn’t always need a cream with a watery/gel consistency, because the consistency doesn’t convey its function. Listen to your skin!

❌ Alcohol, toothpaste, and baking soda help treat acne/blemishes:

✅ all of these ingredients and similar products only make it worse, irritating the area, perhaps causing it to expand, leaving skin depleted of its natural protection and perhaps with hyper pigmentation due to the infection we caused;

❌ Only teenagers suffer from acne:

✅ we wish it were so, but it is not true. Unfortunately, a lot of adults, too, have this skin disease, especially due to hormonal problems, so you can suffer from it well past the age of 50;

❌ Acne is caused by poor or not aggressive enough skin cleansing:

✅ acne is not caused by dirt, rather overdoing it with cleansers and exfoliants, only worsens the state of the skin, since its lipid barrier, is destroyed.

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